When you help someone getting rid of stress,You are not only helping to improve a life but You are also gifting yourself that feeling of  peace and  joy of giving.

When a person is in stress or depression,the whole world seems to that person as a worthless place where he/she is living a worthless life. In today’s modern day to day life, stress has become a part of life. A little stress is fine in today’s context but when this stress starts to build up and eventually turns out into chronic stress then the things start to worsen. Too much stress has tendency to deteriorate one’s mental as well as physical health. Not only this the people surrounding you also get affected by your stress which could end up resulting in harming the precious relations. In order to resist the sufferings of chronic or acute stress, one needs to point out the stress building symptoms. The common emotional and physical symptoms related to stress are listed below:-
Emotional symptoms of stress-
* Becoming easily agitated, frustated and moody
* Feeling overwhelmed,like you are loosing control or need to take control
* having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind
* low self-esteem
* avoiding others
Physical symptoms of stress:-
* Low energy
* Headaches
* Upset stomach,including diarrhoea, constipation, and nausea
* Aches,pains, and tense muscles
* Insomnia
* Frequent cold and infections
* Loss of sexual desire and/or ability
* Nervousness and shaking,ringing in the ear
* Cold or sweaty hands and feet
* Excess sweating
* Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing
* Clenched jaw and grinding teeth.
The problem with identifying above symptoms is that they may be common or stress related. You have to note the frequency, timings and effects of above symptoms,if they synchronize with the time of having some problem in your life or certain unusual happening,then the symptoms will be related to stress. By recognizing these symptoms in the early phase of stress building,one can handle the situation by certain methods or techniques. But even though,unfortunately,if you land yourself in acute stress,Don’t Worry. At the end of the article,I will share my secret golden trick with you to utilise
the power of stress to your advantage. For time being let’s try not to fall in stress.
To deal with modern day stress the thing which we got to realise as soon as possible is that stress is directly proportional to one’s lifestyle. Stress can be initiated because of any reason but its increase or decrease totally depends upon your way of life style. There are loads of information on the internet to deal with the problem of stress & some exceptionally wonderful stress management programs, yoga or lifestyle management programs which we will get into another section if you still feel the need to invest in such programs. But here,for time being, I will tell you some time-tested, out of box ways to deal with the problems of Stress.

1. If you want to lift yourself, lift up someone else:- This adage holds very true in providing self relief. I have tested this many times and each time the results were overwhelming. when you relieve someone from stress or other problems ,an immense feel of the joy of giving occurs to you which overpowers your own stress. So get up and find someone whom you can help which in turn would lead to helping yourself.In fact here at StressBusters we have created forums for the same purpose. Here in Forum section, you can discuss your stress with the ones who have hands-on experience in dealing with such stress earlier in their life. On the other hand,if you think you have sufficient experience in dealing with certain kind of stress related situations then you may discuss real life remedies and your tactics to cope with that stress with the stressed ones. If you are successful in relieving the stress of someone then their gesture of appreciation and thanking will boost your  spirits to the new level.

2. Make a Child your friend:-  Children are the purest form of humanity who are full of positive energy. Try to make a child your friend, spend some time with him or her. you will be astonished to see their problem-solving skills, their endless energy and their insight into the life. They are real motivators who motivate effortlessly without any persuasion. Try to learn one or two things from them. Off course childhood has its own share of flaws but I am sure you can easily ignore them.
3. Play a physical sport:- If you play any physical sport then don’t quit playing it in stressed times and if you don’t play then choose one as soon as possible.During stressed times you just need to play the sport in a free way without pressurising yourself to win it. When you play for the sake of the game, you will find one thing,playing a physical sport will decrease stress boosting hormones in your body. One thing for sure, the game will teach you not to give up,bouncing back anytime and if you win the game, it will definitely help you out in dealing with your stress.

4.Stop Procrastinating:- Many a time,stress or anxiety in your life is related to procrastination. It doesn’t take long for procrastination to catch up with you and put you in acute anxiety and self frustration. Lets try to find out the ways to avoid procrastination and be proactive in life.There are three main reasons why people procrastinate:-
* Fear of failure
*Avoiding unpleasant result
*Disinterest in that work.
Mentioned below are some ideas to overcome above obstacles in the way of proactive approach.
*Just start- Do not analyse a lot or think about the end result. Just go for it.
*Do not take the wholesome burden of completing the task in one go. Break the task in small pieces and make a step by step plan.
*Try to visualise the feeling of satisfaction at the completion of work. It doesn’t matter how will the result be,but you have completed a whole process. Bravo!
*Try to associate that work with some purpose so that it does not disinterest you anymore.Think about how the task will help you or other people. One thing is for sure when you start to do the task with a positive approach,the feeling of disinterest will slowly fade away.
5. Look at the broader picture always:- whenever things are not going well in your life,always look at the broader picture. You are living a very small span on a very small place called earth in a very -very large and magnanimous place called the universe. There are billions and billions of earth like planets and billions and billions of phenomena are going on since ages.The age and size of earth do not mean anything. There were people earlier who lived and passed, who have gone through worse times than yours. Time passed,everybody went,Whats now?-Nothing. So when we eventually lead to nothing then why to worry about anything.                                                                                                                           6. If you are single,find a partner :- If you are single and looking for stress relief then the best way is to find a partner with whom you can share your thoughts or day to day life. Finding a right partner will lead to improvements in various aspects of your life. At the same time as you are already in some kind of stress or depression a wrong date can affect you in the wrong manner too. Thus you need to be alert in the beginning and don’t try to rush into the relationship. Here are the reviews of some dating websites which provide genuine dates to people and can be immensely helpful to you as well.
This article is about to end now and here is that golden trick which i mentioned in the article earlier. It is pertinent to mention here that we use an enormous amount of energy to get ourselves into stress. What I am going to tell you is little tricky but it works and it has worked for me too. you have reached at the high level of acute stress by all your negative efforts and even at this point you still have loads of energy but in negative form. This stress point where you have reached is a kind of High where you tend to dissociate yourself from rest of world. At this point only one thing matters to you i.e Your Stress. Rest of worldly distractions are not distracting you anymore. At this point,what you have to do is to just stop thinking about your problems related to stress and start channelising your energy in creating and innovating something new, constructive and beautiful. Your thinking power is much more now than the normal times.You will be amazed to discover your creative self by doing this and I am pretty much sure you will definitely hit something. In fact I came to discover the idea of StressBusters when I was in acute stress.

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